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Long-Term Care

Our Mission

Dedicated to serving providers with critical resources, we have made it our mission to support the development of innovative care practices to achieve quality improvement goals, cut costs, and alleviate risk.

About Value-Based Long Term Care

VBLTC is an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) participating in the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP).

Our ACO focuses on patients in long-term care facilities and the health care providers who direct their care.

VBLTC partners with medical practices whose clinicians work primarily in nursing homes, helping them thrive under value-based care.


Savings Opportunity


Equity Share



Why We Started VBLTC

Hospital and physician-run ACOs have attempted to reduce the cost of care by targeting Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs).

This leaves Long Term Care providers and facilities as victims of ACOs. VBLTC’s vision is to turn this picture upside down and make Long-Term Care providers beneficiaries of the Shared Savings Program, not victims.

VBLTC sees Long-Term Care residents as an opportunity to create a favorable business atmosphere. Historically, they have high costs and benchmark prices in the ACO programs. Most of their costs are related to inpatient hospital care.

VBLTC caregiving

Reducing avoidable hospital stays represents a substantial savings opportunity, which translates into a revenue opportunity for an ACO.

How We Work

VBLTC contracts with Medicare as an ACO and contracts with provider groups to be members of the ACO.

Medicare calculates expected annual costs for members of the ACO and compares actual prices to those “benchmarks.”

When costs are below the benchmarks by at least 2%, Medicare writes a check to the ACO for 50% of the savings.

The ACO then distributes that amount to its constituents.

Our Team

VBLTC leadership combines experience in long-term care with value-based care experience.

Our leaders bring vision and insight to the unique needs of long-term care patients and providers that helps direct our strategy and partnerships.

Manoj Wadhwani CEO

Manoj Wadhwani, MBA

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Wadhwani has extensive experience working with long-term care clinicians and value-based care programs.  He became a founder after recognizing the unique potential that ACOs hold for long term care.

Andrew Graf DO Chief Medical Officer

Andrew Graf, DO

Chief Medical Officer

As a practicing board-certified internist, focused on long-term care patients, Dr. Graf brings a wealth of experience to VBLTC. Dr. Graf is a SNFist specialist who serves as Medical Director at over 100 facilities and has previous ACO leadership experience.

Patricia Tobon Senior Vice President

Patricia Tobon, MBA

Senior Vice President

Ms. Tobon comes to VBLTC with over 12 years of experience in value-based care in a variety of roles including strategy, care delivery design, population health, and clinical operations. She previously served as the COO of an ACO that achieved over $36M in shared savings payments for its participating providers.

“Participation in the MSSP ACO allows Value-Based Long-Term Care to provide quality of care services to the populations of our members more efficiently and cost-effectively.

We are excited to participate in value-based opportunities that bring health equity to our frailest patient communities.”

-Manoj Wadhwani, President of VBLTC

Dr. holding the hand of an elderly patient

For Practices/Providers

An ACO is only as strong as the group it surrounds itself with. By joining our dedicated community, practices and clinicians benefit in many ways from our program. Some of these include:

  • Shared savings bonus expected to add 25-60% more revenue with little added cost
  • Stock in the ACO is “earned” through savings and attribution
  • Advanced APM Bonus replaces MIPS and guarantees of 5% bonus check when ACO reaches Level E
  • Coordination and alignment with building operators who can have a stake in the ACO

With such compelling incentives, our community ensures that quality care is delivered at a lower cost to benefit the operations of our practitioner members. Not to mention that our organization allows some of the very best healthcare experts in the industry the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with one another.

What We Provide

VBLTC provides a wide range of services that assist qualified practices in delivering better care at a lower cost to Medicare beneficiaries.

Our providers operate in all 50 states and deliver care to patients in over 5,000 long-term care facilities.

Support provided by VBLTC includes:
• Medicare Paperwork Management and Filing
• Medicare Data Storage and Management
• Oversee Data Analytics and Metrics
• Advisement over All Rule Compliances and Regulations

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VBLTC is thrilled to have you join our community.

With plenty of benefits resulting in the delivery of quality care at a lower price, our organization offers plenty of room to grow and a space to thrive in the world of care delivery.

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