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About Us

VBLTC was founded by a group of people with extensive experience in Medicare value-based programs and long-term care.  We believe that nursing home residents are an ideal population for initiatives like the Medicare Shared Savings Program (SSP).  Participation in the SSP can bring long-term care practices additional revenue and allow reward them for improvements in patient experience and quality of care.

VBLTC is different from most other ACOs in several significant ways.

We are not owned, directed, or controlled by a single health care provider.

  • Our participating practices direct the operations, policies, and activities through a Governing Board.
  • Participating practices each have an ownership interest in the ACO.
  • We share a substantial portion of the ACO’s savings with participating practices.
  • We are narrowly focused on a single population, nursing home residents

Value Based Long Term Care, LLC

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