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Patient FAQ’s

  • Can I still choose my doctor?
    • Of course! VBLTC does not limit options, as each individual has the right to visit any doctor, hospital, or practice as deemed fit. The benefits under Medicare is not changing, so as long as the practice that is being utilized accepts Medicare, there is no change in ability to choose provider.  
  • Who can be assigned to VBLTC?
    • Only people with Original Medicare can be assigned to VBLTC. You can’t be assigned to VBLTC if you have a Medicare Advantage Plan (like an HMO or a Preferred Provider Organization). You may be assigned to VBLTC if your primary care clinician in the LTC Facility participates in VBLTC. 
    • VBLTC is not associated with Medicare Advantage, and only those with Original Medicare can participate in an ACO. An ACO is NOT an HMO plan, or an insurance plan of any kind. 
  • What is patient care like in an ACO?
    • The main goal of an ACO is to support doctors in caring for their Medicare Beneficiaries by making sure they have the most up-to-date information about their patient’s health and care. By utilizing an ACO, doctors are able to optimize care by having greater expertise on patient care in many different aspects, such as technology and staff. The act of sharing data through Medicare and ACOs also helps to optimize care for patients by coordinating patient care and working towards minimizing issues with prescribing and other aspects of care.  

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