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Provider FAQ’s

  • Do we have to take downside risk if we join VBLTC?
    • No.  During 2022, we will be an “upside only” ACO.  We may take downside risk in the future, but you are only committing to the ACO for the first year?
  • Do we have to treat my patients any differently?
    • There are no specific requirements for changing how patients are treated, but participating providers will be encouraged to take actions that help avoid unnecessary, avoidable admissions and other forms of low value healthcare.
  • Who decides the policies for the ACO?
    • Our ACO is directed by a governing board consisting of participating providers and at least 1 Medicare beneficiary.  Our leaders will also be part of the governing board, but they will have only 25% of the total voting power.
  • How will we get paid if we participate in the ACO?
    • You will continue to bill and be paid by Medicare with no change.  We will also have a “reconciliation” with CMS a few months after the end of each “performance year” which may result in a substantial bonus to your practice. 

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