Why Join an ACO?

There are lots of reasons why providers join ACOs, but all of them are about ACOs being good business.  Some providers join ACOs for the shared savings.  Others join ACOs in order to enhance relationships with other providers.  Some join ACOs because their missions align with the guiding principles of accountable care.

​For long-term care practices, we see two main reasons for joining an ACO.  Shared savings can amount to hundreds of dollars per patient with minimal additional operating costs.  The money flows directly to your practice’s bottom line.  Other practices join ACOs as a way to partner with facility owners and strengthen their relationships.

Value Based Long Term Care emphasizes the importance of utilizing a democratic leadership style that includes and emphasizes the voices of our ACO participants. Our physicians participate in a model that works towards achieving better healthcare and quality outcomes for long-term care residents. Physicians work diligently and directly with residents and other professionals to ensure that all records are up to date and correct, to further improve quality of care. Through the hard work of the participating physicians, there is a sense of community, where all voices are heard and validated.

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